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The Wizard of Oz, Re-Conceptualized

August 30, 2007

WARNING: The following image in this post can be considered OFFENDING to certain parties. PROCEED at your OWN RISK!

. . .

. . .

Leave to to McFarlane (of Spawn fame) to take a once seemingly classic story and re-conceptualize it into his own version of of the story.

The Armchair Empire dubs it as ‘The Twisted Land of Oz‘, and I quote:

In McFarlane’s version, Dorothy is the innocent school girl with a not-so-innocent Victorian bondage fetish. In a cool addition, McFarlane has included a six-part story on the card back of each figure. It’s not until the last “Chapter” — included with the Wizard — that any of the figures make sense. The first part of the story gives a quick snippet into Dorothy’s persona as it might exist in 2003, and not the Dustbowl of 1930’s Kansas.

I admit, from my oh so very little knowledge of McFarlane’s genius, that as far as initial reactions go most people, myself included, might find this adaption to be offensive. Just imagine one of our childhood stories made into this:


However, when taken with a pinch of salt, you do have to admit from a certain artistic point of view, again my own opinion, this adaption is indeed quite well executed – if a bit on the scary/bondage side of things. Yes folks, Dorothy and the entire series is definitely not for the squeamish nor the easily offended, but it does highlight the genius and creativity that has been the driving success behind Spawn


Star Wars in Space A Reality

August 30, 2007

Ah Star Wars. The dream of guy-fans, the bane of their girlfriends – and vice versa!

One long time dream for the Star Wars most definitely has to be for a real space mission incorporating some ‘aspect‘ of Star Wars. Though actually putting a Star Wars character up in real space, might still be a little bit too much to ask, it would seem that sending up the original Luke Skywalker original Jedi Lightsaber is now a reality.

That’s right you Star Wars fans, old Luke’s saber will be going up to space for a 6 million mile trip to the International Space Station before it’s return trip to Earth. According to StarWarsBlog:

Luke Skywalker’s original Jedi lightsaber makes its way into space (for real) with NASA astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery in October. To commemorate the historic event, Star Wars characters visited the Oakland International Airport where Chewbacca handed the lightsaber over to NASA’s Space Center Houston during a special ceremony on Aug. 28, 2007.

Check out the blog for more details and head on to the Official Star Wars Flicker Blog for pictures galore.

My favourite picture is the one with the 2 Stormtroopers have a ride on the golf-cart-thing-a-magi. Guess their ‘Speeder Bikes’ must be in the Imperial garage for the annual maintainance.

The Microsoft Surface Parody

June 28, 2007

A couple of weeks past Microsoft unveiled their latest technological achievement – The Microsoft Surface. 5 years in super secret research and development – Surface is indeed ground-breaking at first glance. However since Microsoft quickly went on to state that the Surface wouldn’t be available for home user (instead they are targeting the restaurant business) the hype quickly died down. Therefore surprisingly someone came up if a witty parody that used the Surface own advertistment video to create one of the best tech parody, imho, ever.

 What’s more you don’t have to be a genius to know that this parody spinoff on Microsoft Surface is very very good!

Big Ass’ed indeed. Aptly put!

Take an Ego Trip

June 16, 2007

If you fall in either one of these categories:

  1. Afflicted with that obnoxious problem of having too great of an ego, … or
  2. The embodiment of that state of total ‘ego less’-ness that the rest of us poor mortal wretches can only hope to attain …

Then boy have I got something for you.

Head on over to egoSurf and prepare yourself to bask in the self satisfying knowledge that you are indeed somebody. Either that or face the bleakness of finally being proven that you are indeed a nobody. That’s right it’s a total ego trip and there are no guarantees on how you will come out of this little test.

By now, judging by my smug undertones you might already have guessed that this blogger has run the bloody gauntlet and survived to brag about it. Though I am not a famous person such as Bill Gates nor even close to the level that of local blog-celebrity Kenny Sia, still I manage to walk away with decent enough scores. Be forewarned, do not be surprised with your score as I’ve seen that people can actually go through the test and obtain a big fat ZERO – nada, zilch! I kid you not.

Anyhow do feast your eyes on my scores below:

egoSurf - The Enigm@ Chronicles

So go ahead and make today the day thats all about YOU and ONLY you. Pamper yourself with egoSurf – if you dare. Go ahead, I won’t tell on you.

Warning: This Ego test can lead to the swelling of your pride and in worst case scenarios, it can even lead to depression. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Check Out These Cool Wallpapers

June 14, 2007

I’m a sucker for nice great looking wallpapers. It’s always refreshing to have a singularly beautiful wallpaper to feast the eyes upon whenever your on your computer – which for me is most of the time.

So as I was doing my usual rounds of surfing lo and behold I came across a treasure trove of great looking and cool wallpapers located here. All available for free.

Cool Wallpapers

So now I have a whole new bunch of wallpapers to fancy up my work desktop. Delicious.

This unexpected find has sure brightened up prospects for the ‘Week of Trouble‘ here at work.