Hello and welcome to The Enigm@ Chronicles.

My name is Jasraj Sandhu henceforth to be referred to as Enigm@and this is my blog.

I’m am 25 years of age, Male and born under the sign of Cancer. I work as an Oracle Consultant, more specifically a Business/System Analyst with a consultancy here in Kuala Lumpur. My life has seen fit to mold me into a person very much interested in among other such areas as the Internet, computer gaming, hardware and software, blog-reading and now hopefully also blogging.

Truth be told this is my 3rd attempt to start blogging. I know, it seems that collect them or something to that effect. I first made my initial foray into blogging back in 2004. However seeing that this was not of pivotal interest to me, I soon stopped. More recently, in 2006 I made a renewed attempt to blog with a co-blogger but things did not work out and it was not meant to be. Thus today I have once again placed my feet, firmly I hope, on this gold-bricked road called blogging.

It is my profound hope that this blog of mine will see my contribution in terms of opinion pieces, articles and comments on the variety of topics that my interest lies in.


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