Frustrated on Merdeka Eve

F R U S T R A T E D ! ! !

Thats what you end up with when you actually succumb to and given in to sit down and watch the Merdeka Eve celebrations. You naively assume that this Merdeka you should at least make an attempt to watch the live telecast of the Merdeka Eve celebration held a the Dataran Merdeka. And if all you’ve got on hand is local television channels – then thats all you more or less can expect to watch.

So to the root of my frustration.

First there was this one hosts of the 8TV Quickie, Belinda Chee is the name I googled up, who by the end of the night was way up there on the extremely annoying TV host list. She may have started off OK in the begining but as the time approached midnight she totally went overboard with her annoying antics. She was clearly over-hyped and she kept cutting in on the other hosts while the they were still talking. One would think she wanted to be the only one to talk! Looking past the reason that this is the first time she doing a Merdeka Eve live hosting, which she stated quite a few time, I found her overall effect to be JUST TOO ANNOYING.

Then to put the proverbial icing on the cake, when all is said and done as the Merdeka chant and the national anthem ‘Negaraku’ had been sung – instead of lighting up the heavens with the promised and much tauted fireworks and laser display INSTEAD we get to suffer through not only a boring speech by Mr. Rais but also through the propoganda and much politic-laden speech by Mr. Badawi. And a long, long , long speech it most certainly was. The premier also saw fit to lecture us on matters past, present and future all the while insinuating blatantly that there couldn’t be anything without BN! I think not Mr. Prime Minister but I do thank you most sincerely for further ruining my night!

And then after all that suffering what do I get for my troubles…. not a single sight of any firework nor any laser display. Yup the local TV stations screwed me real good on this one.

However as a concession 8TV – who was the only English channel that was showcasing the event – overall, with the one exception in the form of Belinda Chee, were in great form.


5 Responses to “Frustrated on Merdeka Eve”

  1. Watever Says:

    YES. BELINDA CHEE REALLY REALLY SUCKED THAT NIGHT. I can’t believe she was SO annoying. I watched her for like 10 seconds and I already hated her.

  2. blur-devil Says:

    Gosh… She must have really pissed you off! It only takes ONE and only ONE person to ruin the whole night/event, eh…

  3. Belinda Says:

    Hi there Jasraj,

    As annoying and bimbotic as I am, yes, I googled up my own name and found your blog! I really like to firstly apologise for annoying you that much, and ruined your whole merdeka eve celebration. That being said, in my defense, that segment during the countdown was supposed to be mine and Rina’s segment, so we were suppose to be doing most of the talking. We invited the rest of the hosts up together with us just to join in for the countdown. Not only that, we were given wrong information about how many minutes there were left to midnight. In hindsight, I guess I should’ve just shut my mouth and just let the time pass without saying anything, but I guess it was just my personality to jump up and down and scream because I was really excited.
    ‘Watever’ has clearly stated his/her mind on my blog and honestly, you can think whatever you want of me. I just want to thank you for your honest opinion so I can learn to become a better host and a better person. Although it really does hurt to know that I’ve annoyed someone so much just by being myself, I guess whatever that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. SO thanks, and keep up the great work with the blog. 🙂


  4. enigm@ Says:

    Belinda, thanks for taking the time and the trouble to comment here.

    Again as I’ve posted my comments on this matter in your blog, I’m sorry to have hit out at you about the Merdeka Eve celebrations!

    Keep up that great attitude of yours, and I know you can only get better at this.

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