The Wizard of Oz, Re-Conceptualized

WARNING: The following image in this post can be considered OFFENDING to certain parties. PROCEED at your OWN RISK!

. . .

. . .

Leave to to McFarlane (of Spawn fame) to take a once seemingly classic story and re-conceptualize it into his own version of of the story.

The Armchair Empire dubs it as ‘The Twisted Land of Oz‘, and I quote:

In McFarlane’s version, Dorothy is the innocent school girl with a not-so-innocent Victorian bondage fetish. In a cool addition, McFarlane has included a six-part story on the card back of each figure. It’s not until the last “Chapter” — included with the Wizard — that any of the figures make sense. The first part of the story gives a quick snippet into Dorothy’s persona as it might exist in 2003, and not the Dustbowl of 1930’s Kansas.

I admit, from my oh so very little knowledge of McFarlane’s genius, that as far as initial reactions go most people, myself included, might find this adaption to be offensive. Just imagine one of our childhood stories made into this:


However, when taken with a pinch of salt, you do have to admit from a certain artistic point of view, again my own opinion, this adaption is indeed quite well executed – if a bit on the scary/bondage side of things. Yes folks, Dorothy and the entire series is definitely not for the squeamish nor the easily offended, but it does highlight the genius and creativity that has been the driving success behind Spawn


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