Living with Ika, Serena C and Pietro

Anybody’s who a listener should be familiar with the latest contest involving the the DJ’s Ika-Serana C-Pietro and the carry around cardboard standup (below) of the trio that the participants are required to tot around every single place they go in order to get a chance at RM 50,000 moola.

Ika, Serena C & Pietro Standups

What’s the angle? Why Fame and Fortune baby, Fame (i.e great marketing for the show & the DJ’s) and Fortune (i.e. the chance at RM 50,000)! Nuff Said!

Anyhow I heard about this gal called Ivory who’s a participant and she has put up a blog – aptly named ‘Living with Ika, Serena C and Pietro‘ – to chronicle her journey to a possible RM 50,000 cash prize.

This is a very smart move if I may say so myself. A quick glance at her blog show a daily update on her activities with the promotion of the standup at various locations. And boy has this gal been active. I just gotta wonder where she finds time to go about everywhere. Then again RM 50,000 is quite a strong incentive so to say.

Thus far Ivory has made appearance at the Twin Towers, 1Utama, Batu Caves and various other major landmarks in the KL area. Whats more it now seems that she will be taking a trip to Down Under Australia and surprise, surprise (imagine Gomer Pile) the cardboard standup gets to go along – envying a cardboard is so unbecoming, sighhh.

So to Ivory, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck and hope you continue to have as much fun as possible whilst in the contest.

For more fun updates on contestants, do tune in to the Morning Show from 6am-10am and catch the entertaining trio of Ika, Serena C & Pietro doing that things they do oh so well. And since I’m on the subject just a little shoutout:

“Serena you so fine girl, mmmhhhh…..”

and ….

“Pietro, I comiserate with your hardship and sincerely appreciate your standing up for us guys”


5 Responses to “Living with Ika, Serena C and Pietro”

  1. Winston Hoo Says:

    I guess the participants need to spend a lot (travelling around) in order to win that big some of money! And the sad thing is that there is only ONE winner! The rest of the contestants shall just stay happy with the cutout…

  2. qwertyjuan Says:


  3. simon Says:

    wow, pietro seriously needs to lose some weight. or else people can’t carry him around town.

  4. Ivory Chan Says:

    Hi Jas, haha. yes, I’m going kind of all out by bringing it to Perth but it did put out my chance of being spotted big time on Merdeka itself. =) It just so happened this trip had been arranged way before this ISP issue started so pledge is a pledge- I shall stick to it! To shamelessly bring ISP around.Thanks loads for putting me in your blog. I made loads of time for this hoping to win. Well, 2 more weeks to go…more things to do and look out for πŸ˜‰

  5. mira Says:

    yes thats the way! shamelessly take the ISPC around no matter where we go!

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