What’s New Pussycat

Life is never a single unchanging sequence of activities. If anything the universe always conspires to throw in the proverbial wrench into our machinery, i.e. our daily lives, every once and a while.

So what’s new in my previously peaceful life?

Well my housemates and I are helping out a friend to doggy-sit her two little dogs for the week while she’s away on vacation. These two are absolutely super cute and a thrill to play with. I can’t recall their breeds, the both of them are mixed breed, but they go by the names of Rika & Ruby. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Unfortunately when playtime is over these little doggies then tun out to be a bloody nightmare. One I have nicknamed as ‘The Yapper‘ – since she can’t for the love of god shut-the-hell-up. Seriously! Whether it’s early in the morning or late in the night and I mean late in the night she still continues to bark. Seriously!

The other cute little beast, after yesterday’s fiasco, I now refer to as ‘The Pooper‘. I am astounded that such a small dog as her can produce such a super-dupe-toxic-waste level doggie poop. I’m talking about dog poop that’s sure to win worst smelling poop of the year hands down – that kinda poop!

3 days down, 4 more to go… sighhhh

The next major distraction is due to a botched attempt of experiencing the joy’s of Halo 2 the PC version of the best selling XBox console game. Of course since the PC version is not out yet, I somehow stumbled upon and conveniently mistook a PC-console emulation of the game for the real and that unfortunately was flawed. Still I managed to experience 3 levels of the game before the troubles started appearing and before long brought me to a complete stop in my enjoyment.

From my brief flirtation with the game here is what I have summarized:

  1. Halo 2 rocks!
  2. My graphics card, a GeForce 5700 – somewhat of a relic and wont cut it for Halo 2. Time to upgrade.
  3. I’m suffering from console addiction.
  4. Due to the addition I’m deliberating on the possibilities of getting an XBox. My fellow console fan is however tempting me with the possibilities of the PS3 instead.
  5. I’m not rich enough to be able to afford the price of a console! Sighhhhh

And lastly …

Moving on to more ominous matters, 3 days on from Merdeka (Independence Day) I am astounded to hear our country’s No 1, Mr Badawi, proclaim that Malaysia is not a secular state, as provided in our constitution, but an Islamic state.

Talk about a slap in the face!


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