Lone Wolf Fans Rejoice!

I was pleasantly surprised to read on the upcoming Lone Wolf Game which is based upon the well known Lone Wolf series via whymebecause. As a one time fan of this magnificent series this is great news indeed.

But better still is that via a lookup on Project Aon – a fan group on the Lone Wolf series, I am now finally able to continue reading this great series.

Lone Wolf

The good people at Project Aon, with the blessing of Joe Dever, the author, and other principle parties have made available online an extensive lineup of the Lone Wolf series.

According to the FAQ, the book in the series that are published online are as listed below:

  • Kai series (Lone Wolf books 1-5)
  • Magnakai series (Lone Wolf books 6-12)
  • Grand Master series (unabridged, Lone Wolf books 13-20)
  • New Order series (Lone Wolf books 21-28)
  • World of Lone Wolf (Grey Star) series
  • The Magnamund Companion
  • The Skull of Agarash graphic novel
  • The Lone Wolf Poster Painting Book
  • The Lone Wolf Club Newsletters
  • Freeway Warrior series
  • Combat Heroes series

whilst the following will not be published:

  • Legends of Lone Wolf series

Me being the consummate fan that was ever denied access to the complete series after Book , this find has been a culmination of 12 years of patience and waiting. Now as I finally have access to the series proper, I can once again make the journey with Lone Wolf and maybe recapture some of the memories of my childhood.

I’m off to explore these great blessings and start myself once more on the path of the Lone Wolf.


2 Responses to “Lone Wolf Fans Rejoice!”

  1. eyeris Says:

    I actually still have the entire set of original Kai and Magnakai books at home… in extremely battered condition, of course, from too many rereads. hehe

  2. Edrei Says:

    I’ve got the complete Kai, Magnakai, Grand Master and New Order series at home. I’ve even got a couple of series here and there which isn’t a bad read at all considering they were based on the game books.

    Ahh…those were the days. 🙂

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