O Google Maps, where art thou?

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Google Maps!

The premier & ‘freely’ available mapping solution from Google has been around for some time now and is more that just a passing familiarity for netizens. Be it the casual surfer just wanting to do a simple lookup on the maps right up to the hardcore mapping fanatics – Google Maps (and Google Earth) have been a godsend.

Moreover so with the latest update release just days old whereby a new embeddable map feature now allows easy-as-pie integration of the maps into website & blogs for the common layman. Cool! Just imagining the possibilities of this feature is staggering.

Suffice to say, I can now start embedding custom maps for general driving directions in Petaling Jaya, for example, right here in The Chronicles. Then all I’ve to do is just refer my friends requiring directions to the local hotspots to my blog where they can view the embedded maps and get the info they need.

Or at least so goes my speculation. Why so glum?

The problem is that things take a major snag for us Google Maps fans in Malaysia when this feature proves useless since we have no maps at all for our country. All we have are the satellite imagery, which was was cool initially somewhere around a couple of years back, but sans the latest updates of images scans this is pretty much of no great help to us.

This has been a long standing issue with me and more so the case when I read on the new updates that were just released!

Wondering why we were left out, plus when we can we Malaysians can hope to see some updates on Google Maps for us I asked myself the big question …

Why are there no maps available for Malaysia in Google Maps ?

Thus I wrote the following message to the support guys at Google Maps in the hopes that I can get some answers.

I live in Malaysia and am a long time fan of Google and it’s many services.

First off,I have to say kudos on great job with work thus far done up for Malaysia, i.e. the satellite view on Google Maps.

However for a while now I have been desperately hoping for some updates on Google Maps for Malaysia – specifically some maps (streets and/or highways for starters) besides the satellite view currently available.

I see that our neighbors in Thailand and Singapore have already have maps implemented to complement the satellite views on Google Maps! So that leaves me wondering why Malaysia doesn’t have the same level of coverage as both our immediate neighbors do.

I guess what I really want to inquire is what is required for there to be maps done up for Malaysia?


PS: I’m not from Mainland China, and I only selected it as it was the nearest country to Malaysia in the list.

It’s my hope that I can get to the bottom of this issue and maybe once and for all answer why Malaysia has no maps available on Google Maps.


If you’re wondering which countries and also the extent of Google Map’s function & features available for those countries refer to this Wikipedia article.


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