The Morning Crew’s Folly

I am a consummate fan of the Morning Crew Rudy & JJ. I’ve been listening to them for years now. Through thick and thin I’ve tune in everyday – my digital alarm clock is set to kick start the radio which is tuned to 92.9 fm so I wake up daily to the dynamic duo of Rudy & JJ. Except for a short jaunt where I reverted to when the only topic of conversation on for that time period was football, football, … and only football, sigh! Nobody can disagree when I say that The Morning Crew are great. Heck they are the epitome of hilariousness. Nuff said!

However today I believe that their latest antics does not sit well with me. The gimmick of the day for today was their offer to do the dirty work for anyone who wants to break off from a relationship but haven’t the nerve to do it. Yes, The Morning Crew offers an out to all those people with relationship troubles! In similar fashion to the great 50% off on all police summons we had last year, dumb as that is, now we have the ‘Easy-Way-Out’ option for all those gutless people who wants someone else to do the dirty work for them.

The thing of it is, and this is my opinion, relationships are difficult enough as they are. What could be a very beautiful thing at one moment, can come crashing down in a blink of an eye. Break-ups are part and parcel of the relationship cycle. You learn to deal with the intense emotions in your own way and come to a realization that things were not meant to be. Still there are many people out there who are in relationships that do not appeal to them anymore and yet they cannot work up the nerve to make an end of things.

It is based on this premise that The Morning Crew today embarked on with their ‘Rip The Bandage‘ gimmick. I only manage to hear the first call they made to a guy whose girlfriend has met someone new and wanted to break things off. Things turned sour when they broke the bad news to the guy on how his girlfriend wanted to end things as she has someone else – all of it on air!

Can you say Ouch!

Nobody wants to experience something like that let alone have it done on air for the whole of the country to hear, akin to washing your dirty laundry in public view. So unsurprisingly the poor guy responded in what I can assume to be derogatory swear words due to the constant bleeps that censored them out.

In all this I do not put them blame on The Morning Crew squarely – sorry guys. I understand you are just provided the usual venue for interaction with their listeners, as is your norm. What I despise utterly is the fact that such baseless person’s as the girlfriend of the guy mentioned above, who choose to forgo their own responsibility to their partner in order to have the easy way out. To me this speak volumes to the character of this girl, and none of it good!


One Response to “The Morning Crew’s Folly”

  1. anucia Says:

    Spot on!

    If I’m not mistaken, 95.8 has a channel similar to this-i remember listening to it in disgust. As such, I was in disbelief while reading your first few paras, that it was

    However, though the weight of the dirty laundry lies in the arms of the girlfriend, i personally think that ANYONE or any institution that supports, in one way or another, should carry the other bit of the laundry. Too bad it’s the favourite crew this time…

    what a shame

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