How To Attain Desktop Nirvana

A while back I came across a great article on how to achieve the ‘Kinkless Desktop‘, or what I would refer to as Desktop Nirvana. The article was very insightful and finally got me moving to achieve total desktop nirvana i.e. a clutter free desktop. Thus I was able to go from this …

Desktop Limbo

to this (for my home pc) …

Desktop Nirvana @ home

and this (for my work pc) …

Kinkless @ work

Using Kinkless 5 steps as my baseline, I then took my little project 1 step further and applied some very basic Getting Things Done(GTD) concepts to attain the final product as displayed above. Just by having my 4 folders

  • Inbox – for any new/incoming stuff
  • Outbox – for those things that I can settle quickly to get them done and over with
  • D.Central – for anything else i.e. some application icons, task list, …, etc
  • No Mercy Deletes – for anything I must get ride by the end of each week, the name implies it all – no mercy!

The simple 4 folder GDT concept I then married to a gem of a software called ObjectDock which enabled me to organize my shortcuts, programs and running tasks into a very attractive and a-la-Mac style fun animated dock.


Thus I have achieved my goal of Desktop Nivana and the final product currently provides me with:

  1. A minimalistic icons approach with generous desktop space for great wallpapers
  2. A GTD layout that keeps things organized – kiss the clutter goodbye, forever
  3. A Fancy & Fun dock for my most used softwares

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