What Happens When You Read a Good Book

Right now I’m currently reading Book 2 – Stone of Tears in Terry Goodkind’s ‘The Sword of Truth’ saga. It’s absolutely wonderful and I’m having the time of my life just reading non stop. At my current rate of reading I’ll be burning through each book in the series at an average rate of 1 book in every 4 days – though not my best pace, it’s still amazing considering the book number 900+ pages in average.

So … what happens is that I’ve ended up putting aside near to everything else. Most if not all of my free time is now allocated solely for the sake of reading. That’s why The Enigm@ Chronicles has been experiencing a drought of posts.  I my defense I can only claim that I’m a total read-a-holic and have been so for the majority of my life. I can’t stop now. I do apologize.

Meanwhile I’ll still try my best to continue posting here.


One Response to “What Happens When You Read a Good Book”

  1. geekzendaddy Says:

    uuuhhhhh been there! Good luck with the “disease” of having found a good book!


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