DiGi’s Transformers Promo

One of the local Celco’s more or less always end’s up promoting the major summer blockbuster release every year. For the upcoming movie Transformers I stumbled across something that might hint at DiGi backing the movie whilst i was at DiGi’s HQ today. Take a look at what I found in their main car park:

Transformer Spoof

The sign in the picture above reads:

Reserved for Megatron
Park at Your Own Risk

The thing that really surprises me is how the build-up of the promotion is taking shape. This speak of ingenuity which just goes to show not all ads made by local Celco’s are worthless -in my opinion, DiGi has always been a great example in this case. Now I unsure if this is the shape of things to come in lieu for Transformer opening next week on the 28th – or if it’s just DiGi’s way of making a hilarious play on the opening – but I find it refreshing!

Speaking of ads that are refreshing have you check this out yet?


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