This Ad Speaks Volume

Almost daily we are inundated with crappy sub par advertisement on the telly. No doubt that these ads more or less leaves you wondering what in god’s name were they thinking in the first place when those jackasses came up with that idea! Is it just me or is it a fact that most ads are getting lamer and lamer?

And then there the times, not that often and more so the pity, when you actually come across a decent if not good advertisement and you go Wow! These is exactly what I experience when I stumbled across this little American Express advertistment. This nifty little ad broke the mold, in my humble opinion, when the people at American Express or whomever they hired for this purpose decided to feature well know movie director Wes Craven in the ad promoting their credit card. Ingenious and at the same time a fresh breath of air. Take a look and judge it for yourself. As for me I’m satisfied that I got a Wow experience.


One Response to “This Ad Speaks Volume”

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