Near Case of Snatch Theft

7 years.

Thats how long I’ve been a resident of this metropolitan city Kuala Lumpur. And in all that time I have never been a victim of any crime be it snatch theft or mugging. However today proved to be the day that my 7 year long track record would be dashed to pieces.

Yes, today I nearly became a victim in a snatch theft case. This accident took place as I was walking back from my local pasar malam (night market) not 2 block away from my home in SS4C, Kelana Jaya. The assailant that attempted to accost me was an Indian man driving a motorcycle. He was attired in a grayish looking shirt and was wearing a white helmet. He was made of slight built and roughly looked to be in his early 30’s. The number plate of his motorcycle – as far as I could make it out was BM 35…..

His modus operandi was that he wanted to ask me directions on how to get to SS2. He stopped his motorcycle for this purpose and if I wasn’t suspicious to begin with, I would have approached him to give the necessary directions. I thank god that I noticed that this character seem to be shifty and a suspicious nature, thus I did not get close to him. This proved to be his undoing as he pulled out his weapon – looked like a kitchen knife to me – and indicated that he wanted me to hand over my handphone by mentioning “kasi, kasi,…” (give, give…) and pointed to the handphone in my hand. I quickly stepped behind a parked vehicle not 2 feet away and started to shout that I was going to call the police. The thief then hesitated, as he apparently did not want to get down from his motorcycle and come for me, before deciding that I wasn’t worth the trouble. He then quickly drove off!

By then, my was heart pumping full-time and the implication of what just happened hit me – I was nearly attacked by a snatch thief not 5 houses down from my own house!

I quickly made it back to my house, whereby I related my incident to my house mates. Then I called the local Kelana Jaya Police Station (FYI the number is 03-78062222) to make a report on the incident. I related any relevant information that I could think off to the police officer on the phone, whereby he told me that they would send a patrol unit to patrol the housing area. My only worry at that time was that this scumbag might make another attempt on some other innocent victim who also was going to or from the pasar malam! Tomorrow I will make a visit to the station to make a formal police report.

I am very much thankful to my fellow residents in SS4C who via the emails sent to community members have previously alerts the residents that there have been recent cases of snatch theft committed by 2 Indian guys on a motorcycle using the similar method as have mentioned above. This was the very thing that made me suspicious enough to not approach the thief in the first place.

In retrospect, my mistake in all this was not only that I was alone but I had also made myself a target due to the fact that I was chatting on the phone whilst walking back from the pasar malam. Just this simple fact embolden this thief to make an attempt on even though he was by himself. Let this be a lesson to anyone who read this blog … don’t fall for this kind of trick where they ask for direction in order to lull the victim before making their move.


2 Responses to “Near Case of Snatch Theft”

  1. River of Karma Says:

    Praise Good Karma for your fortune. Good thing it didn’t happen to you.

    Hopefully nothing of this nature repeats itself.

    But you raise an interesting point – If talking on the HP in public makes us potential targets, then what’s the use of having a “Mobile-Phone”? What an irony!

  2. enigm@ Says:

    I’m definitely touching wood on this one.

    However I think if you can be aware of your surrounding environment, using your handphone should not be much of an issue. Just don’t repeat my mistake!

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