The Search For A Suitable Hosting Service

Now that a couple of months has passed I finally think that I’m ready to make the big push and get myself a proper blog setup with my own domain name and hosting service.

Why would I want to do that, you ask? Simple!

You see I really want to treat my blogging endeavors as a serious, albeit still fun to do, pastime. I intend very much to build up my blog featuring great content and at the same time learn to explore more on things like WordPress (the nitty gritty side), SEO, blog branding and marketing and eventually monetizing my blog. However my passion is and will always be to provide top notch content that will keep my readers contented and  keep them coming back.

This is why I have come to the decision that I will have to get my own hosted domain and properly begin the journey to achieve my aspirations. To that effect I have already purchased my own domain and now I just have to get a suitable hosting service.  Since I’ve gotten my domain via Exabytes, – who by the way have an excellent track record and are a top notch business – I’m incline to go with them for my hosting services as well. After calling them sales rep, I’ve been informed that a single year subscription for the 5GB package will cost around RM199, with 2 years paid hosting coming up to RM 299.

Now I wouldn’t exactly say that the cost is way out of my budget range, though I was hoping that it was more affordable than that. However knowing that there always great deal going on the web in regards to hosting services, I just wondering if there’s anyone out there who knows of a more affordable hosting service besides Exabytes.

So to any and all Netizens out there – if you know of, or heard about a worthwhile hosting services available out there please drop by and post a comment to let me know.


One Response to “The Search For A Suitable Hosting Service”

  1. penang_superman Says:

    Feel free check for your hosting package which had been upgraded to 10GB package for EBiz. Its no longer 5GB :).

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