Take an Ego Trip

If you fall in either one of these categories:

  1. Afflicted with that obnoxious problem of having too great of an ego, … or
  2. The embodiment of that state of total ‘ego less’-ness that the rest of us poor mortal wretches can only hope to attain …

Then boy have I got something for you.

Head on over to egoSurf and prepare yourself to bask in the self satisfying knowledge that you are indeed somebody. Either that or face the bleakness of finally being proven that you are indeed a nobody. That’s right it’s a total ego trip and there are no guarantees on how you will come out of this little test.

By now, judging by my smug undertones you might already have guessed that this blogger has run the bloody gauntlet and survived to brag about it. Though I am not a famous person such as Bill Gates nor even close to the level that of local blog-celebrity Kenny Sia, still I manage to walk away with decent enough scores. Be forewarned, do not be surprised with your score as I’ve seen that people can actually go through the test and obtain a big fat ZERO – nada, zilch! I kid you not.

Anyhow do feast your eyes on my scores below:

egoSurf - The Enigm@ Chronicles

So go ahead and make today the day thats all about YOU and ONLY you. Pamper yourself with egoSurf – if you dare. Go ahead, I won’t tell on you.

Warning: This Ego test can lead to the swelling of your pride and in worst case scenarios, it can even lead to depression. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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