And So It Begins …

How would you feel, when someone who always spoke of the virtues of doing *top* grade work with our *best effort* seem to suddenly not take his own advice. Feel like pulling out your hair?

Welcome to my  ‘Week of Trouble’, thus do I name it, that kicked off to an irritable start today.

Long story short (cause I don’t want to re-live it again in my mind) my boss who has always pushed us and suffered onto us incredibly long winded speech concerning always contributing our best work no matter the situation has let the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan, if you get my meaning!

The matter of it is that today he went and royally screwed the company’s chances at a tender submission by not completing the required work on time. Hence the early money ‘must-be-inrequest order made yesterday. The end product of our mad dash of getting ready the necessary document – documentation lacking quality and substance.

Hell if I was the person receiving these documentations and have to spend time going through it…. well suffice it to say I wouldn’t even have a decent opinion of a company that produces such hodge podge work. Just imagine what would our shabby documentation say at all about our system that we intend to sell to these very people.

Nuff Said! (PS: Something I learned from Ocean’s 13)


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