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How to Nurture Your Passion For Reading

June 29, 2007

As far back as I can remember I have been reading. I love reading. I carry a book with my everywhere I go. I can even read more or less anywhere – my friends will back me up on this as they were equally stupefied that I took out my book and started reading whilst we were on a boat ride back from Pulau Redang (Redang Island) to the mainland. Yes I survived and actually had a nice time reading along with the sway of the boat – if you wanted to know.

Getting back to the issue at hand …

14 Ways to Cultivate a Lifetime Reading Habit written by Leo Babauta of Zenhabits fame is the article that can start you off on the right path to nurturing a healthy passion for reading. Going through the 14 steps, I find that most of these steps make strong sense and can truly guide you. In fact a number of those steps from the original list of 14 steps that I already find to be deeply ingrained in myself, possible due to the many years of reading, are :

  1. Always carry a book
  2. Make a list
  3. Reduce Television & Internet
  4. Go to a used bookstore
  5. Make it pleasurable
  6. Blog it
  7. Have a reading hour or reading day

To me Always Carrying Around a Book is the most pivotal step in the list. Imaging all those small minutes wasted doing nothing whilst commuting, when with a book on hand you could easily pass your time productively. Additionally Having a Reading Hour/Day is equally important as you will need to commit to your reading in order to cultivate it. Going to a Used/Rental Bookstore is one way where you can significantly reduce your reading expenditures – renting a book or purchasing a used one will allow you to have a wider selection of books that you can aim to read and at the same time take the strain of the wallet.

For myself, I have noticed that over the years as my reading became more ingrained in my daily activities, the less time I spend watching the TV. And can you just imagine that my parents used to complain that I was a TV addict when I was much younger. And the blogging portion also naturally came about where I sometimes blog on the books that I have read. These are just some of the very tangible benefits that I have enjoyed thanks to my passion for reading. Benefits that could easily be your too for that matter. Take my word for it.

Incidentally in case you’re left wondering -FYI my biggest passion is for book in the Fantasy genre, though I do read some other every once in a while.


How To Attain Desktop Nirvana

June 28, 2007

A while back I came across a great article on how to achieve the ‘Kinkless Desktop‘, or what I would refer to as Desktop Nirvana. The article was very insightful and finally got me moving to achieve total desktop nirvana i.e. a clutter free desktop. Thus I was able to go from this …

Desktop Limbo

to this (for my home pc) …

Desktop Nirvana @ home

and this (for my work pc) …

Kinkless @ work

Using Kinkless 5 steps as my baseline, I then took my little project 1 step further and applied some very basic Getting Things Done(GTD) concepts to attain the final product as displayed above. Just by having my 4 folders

  • Inbox – for any new/incoming stuff
  • Outbox – for those things that I can settle quickly to get them done and over with
  • D.Central – for anything else i.e. some application icons, task list, …, etc
  • No Mercy Deletes – for anything I must get ride by the end of each week, the name implies it all – no mercy!

The simple 4 folder GDT concept I then married to a gem of a software called ObjectDock which enabled me to organize my shortcuts, programs and running tasks into a very attractive and a-la-Mac style fun animated dock.


Thus I have achieved my goal of Desktop Nivana and the final product currently provides me with:

  1. A minimalistic icons approach with generous desktop space for great wallpapers
  2. A GTD layout that keeps things organized – kiss the clutter goodbye, forever
  3. A Fancy & Fun dock for my most used softwares

The Morning Crew’s Folly

June 28, 2007

I am a consummate fan of the Morning Crew Rudy & JJ. I’ve been listening to them for years now. Through thick and thin I’ve tune in everyday – my digital alarm clock is set to kick start the radio which is tuned to 92.9 fm so I wake up daily to the dynamic duo of Rudy & JJ. Except for a short jaunt where I reverted to when the only topic of conversation on for that time period was football, football, … and only football, sigh! Nobody can disagree when I say that The Morning Crew are great. Heck they are the epitome of hilariousness. Nuff said!

However today I believe that their latest antics does not sit well with me. The gimmick of the day for today was their offer to do the dirty work for anyone who wants to break off from a relationship but haven’t the nerve to do it. Yes, The Morning Crew offers an out to all those people with relationship troubles! In similar fashion to the great 50% off on all police summons we had last year, dumb as that is, now we have the ‘Easy-Way-Out’ option for all those gutless people who wants someone else to do the dirty work for them.

The thing of it is, and this is my opinion, relationships are difficult enough as they are. What could be a very beautiful thing at one moment, can come crashing down in a blink of an eye. Break-ups are part and parcel of the relationship cycle. You learn to deal with the intense emotions in your own way and come to a realization that things were not meant to be. Still there are many people out there who are in relationships that do not appeal to them anymore and yet they cannot work up the nerve to make an end of things.

It is based on this premise that The Morning Crew today embarked on with their ‘Rip The Bandage‘ gimmick. I only manage to hear the first call they made to a guy whose girlfriend has met someone new and wanted to break things off. Things turned sour when they broke the bad news to the guy on how his girlfriend wanted to end things as she has someone else – all of it on air!

Can you say Ouch!

Nobody wants to experience something like that let alone have it done on air for the whole of the country to hear, akin to washing your dirty laundry in public view. So unsurprisingly the poor guy responded in what I can assume to be derogatory swear words due to the constant bleeps that censored them out.

In all this I do not put them blame on The Morning Crew squarely – sorry guys. I understand you are just provided the usual venue for interaction with their listeners, as is your norm. What I despise utterly is the fact that such baseless person’s as the girlfriend of the guy mentioned above, who choose to forgo their own responsibility to their partner in order to have the easy way out. To me this speak volumes to the character of this girl, and none of it good!

The Microsoft Surface Parody

June 28, 2007

A couple of weeks past Microsoft unveiled their latest technological achievement – The Microsoft Surface. 5 years in super secret research and development – Surface is indeed ground-breaking at first glance. However since Microsoft quickly went on to state that the Surface wouldn’t be available for home user (instead they are targeting the restaurant business) the hype quickly died down. Therefore surprisingly someone came up if a witty parody that used the Surface own advertistment video to create one of the best tech parody, imho, ever.

 What’s more you don’t have to be a genius to know that this parody spinoff on Microsoft Surface is very very good!

Big Ass’ed indeed. Aptly put!

Onwards to ‘Blood Of The Fold’

June 27, 2007

I’m done with the Stone of Tears and I’m now already on Book 3- Blood Of The Fold.
Still going strong. Cheers.

What Happens When You Read a Good Book

June 26, 2007

Right now I’m currently reading Book 2 – Stone of Tears in Terry Goodkind’s ‘The Sword of Truth’ saga. It’s absolutely wonderful and I’m having the time of my life just reading non stop. At my current rate of reading I’ll be burning through each book in the series at an average rate of 1 book in every 4 days – though not my best pace, it’s still amazing considering the book number 900+ pages in average.

So … what happens is that I’ve ended up putting aside near to everything else. Most if not all of my free time is now allocated solely for the sake of reading. That’s why The Enigm@ Chronicles has been experiencing a drought of posts.  I my defense I can only claim that I’m a total read-a-holic and have been so for the majority of my life. I can’t stop now. I do apologize.

Meanwhile I’ll still try my best to continue posting here.

DiGi’s Transformers Promo

June 22, 2007

One of the local Celco’s more or less always end’s up promoting the major summer blockbuster release every year. For the upcoming movie Transformers I stumbled across something that might hint at DiGi backing the movie whilst i was at DiGi’s HQ today. Take a look at what I found in their main car park:

Transformer Spoof

The sign in the picture above reads:

Reserved for Megatron
Park at Your Own Risk

The thing that really surprises me is how the build-up of the promotion is taking shape. This speak of ingenuity which just goes to show not all ads made by local Celco’s are worthless -in my opinion, DiGi has always been a great example in this case. Now I unsure if this is the shape of things to come in lieu for Transformer opening next week on the 28th – or if it’s just DiGi’s way of making a hilarious play on the opening – but I find it refreshing!

Speaking of ads that are refreshing have you check this out yet?

This Ad Speaks Volume

June 21, 2007

Almost daily we are inundated with crappy sub par advertisement on the telly. No doubt that these ads more or less leaves you wondering what in god’s name were they thinking in the first place when those jackasses came up with that idea! Is it just me or is it a fact that most ads are getting lamer and lamer?

And then there the times, not that often and more so the pity, when you actually come across a decent if not good advertisement and you go Wow! These is exactly what I experience when I stumbled across this little American Express advertistment. This nifty little ad broke the mold, in my humble opinion, when the people at American Express or whomever they hired for this purpose decided to feature well know movie director Wes Craven in the ad promoting their credit card. Ingenious and at the same time a fresh breath of air. Take a look and judge it for yourself. As for me I’m satisfied that I got a Wow experience.

Who Says Church Isn’t Fun

June 21, 2007

Take a gander at this here hilarious church signs:

Church & Google

Doesn’t this just humbles the mighty Google

Church & Oh God

Crap! Double Crap!!

Church & Forgiveness

I like the concept. Very Reverse Psychology-isque.

Church & Hell

Should I be thankful or scared? I can’t decide.

Church & Knees

Can’t argue with that. Ladies, take note. Nuff Said!

Church & Wireless

Ahh… Religion defined in geek speak!

Chuckles … head on over to this here website to take a look at the rest of it.

MAS 50-Hour Open House Celebration

June 20, 2007

MAS Logo Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Malaysian airlines (MAS) is having a promotion right now.

Termed as “50-Hour Open House Celebration“, this promotion will only run from 9am 20th of June till 11am on the 22nd of June. The flight period is from 3rd of Spetember up till the 30th of September.

Ticket prices come in a combination of RM1 or RM10 for one-way domestic flight. Flights to neighboring countries can cost as much as RM209 for return tickets.

For those not inclined to book online, any inquiries for information can channeled to MAS Call Center via the following number, 1300 88 1300(within Malaysia) or +603 7843 3000(outside Malaysia).