Sexist One Eye Closed MP

One problem with our country is that somehow, and I cannot even think how this can be, but somehow we Malaysian vote in such incorrigible characters the likes of the MP of Jasin into such an august body as our Malaysian parliament.

Who is he some might say at this point? Well as they say, long story short, the MP of Jasin is of the “Close One Eye” fame that just stupefied the nation a couple of months ago. Having brushed the Customs Department the wrong way one would think that any savvy politician would have kept his smarts and kept his head down.

But low and behold, here he is all over again causing a new controversy. The MP of Jasin has this time, with no qualms at all, made what is without a doubt a sexist remarks when brusquely retorting to the female MP of Batu Gajah – the intended target of his pun (imho: very much intended).

Yes he trod over the line of statesmanship when he liken the issue debated, i.e. burst piping in the parliament, to that of the menstrual cycle of women via the exact word – “… tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor…” (every month also leak) when addressing the female MP of Batu Gajah. And this time there will be no covering up as he was featured live on the parliament recording. See it for yourself below:

All in all, I can only wonder how such a sexist could have been voted in the first place.


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