Free Domain & Free Hosting at Sabahan

When I first read about the free domain & hosting giveaway at “Win a Free Domain & Free Hosting For Your WordPress Blog Contest”. I have to admit the first thought that cross my mind was… “It must be a scam”.

Yet I was still tempted enough click on the link and lo-and-behold I found myself at Now having heard of Sabahan before, though I admit I have not yet set eyes on his blog before, my interest was piqued. More so the case when I read the blog’s tagline of “About Computer, Internet, Blogging, Marketting and Interesting Stuff” – I was positively psyched. To my delight, here was one of the top noted blogs in Malaysia and his niche area is exactly what I am very much interested in myself.

So having verified that this was in no way at all a scam, I was ecstatic to participate in this great contest. I mean how often is it that you actually hear of a blogger offering both Free Domain and Free Hosting services. Talk about Malaysia Blogger Boleh spirit! And all I had to do was write a post reviewing Sabahan blog. Then just sit back and hope (read: pray to God fervently) hat I’ll be one of the lucky entries out of every five entries to obtain the free giveaways.

No … I kid you not! Easy Peasy.

Thus I began to read up on some of Sabahan’s past postings and was pleasantly suprised at the amount of interesting posts that he had blogged on. Take for example his recent post on “How to Annoy Your Blog Readers with a Bad Webpage Design” which covers six big no’s–no’s for a webpage/blog design. Again this is very useful material especially since I myself am just kicking off my own blog. Additionally Sabahan also has many postings on monetizing blogs which is all the rage currently and seems to be the way to go for any serious blogger.

So if you want to get yourself a free hosting and a free domain to boot, head on over to Sabahan.

What’cha waiting for.

 PS: Sabahan… Please help me to get out of! The limitations are a pain in the you-know-where.

PPS: Incidentally … let me state my utmost love for the WordPress platform in general. It’s just the hosting service that’s a cramp.


2 Responses to “Free Domain & Free Hosting at Sabahan”

  1. Contest Entries - Group 1 « Says:

    […] The Enigma@ Chronicles […]

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