The Blogging Enigma

I was out at dinner today with a couple of friends and what started innocently as simple discussion of searching for Linux how-to’s ended up being a full blown spate between myself and one of my other friend.

The issue took a turn when I stated out that I myself have reduced dramatically look up such sites as TechRepublic anymore for such information whereas I nowadays have a perchance for looking up blogs for the corresponding information. Now at this point, as it later turns out, that my point was misunderstood (misinterpreted) by my counterpart.

So what happened for the duration of the dinner was one misunderstanding after another. Somehow I gave off an impression to my proponents that all persons must blog! (Think along the lines of The Borg from Star Trek fame – Resistance is futile!) How did this come about I have not idea.

My issue on how blogs are credible sources for information was attacked with statements that blogging is just a ‘hobby‘ – which of course implies to me that they are not credible resources. I of course did not sit well with this statement, thereby I pointed out that there are full time or pro-blogger out there that would definitely take an umbrage with that statement. At this point being wiser for having gone through this argument, I’ll go on record and say that it is true that blogging is a hobby – more so for most people. However blogging is also has a serious aspect to others i.e. some people make their livelihood of blogging. Therefore to dismiss blog as credible in my humble opinion is wrong.

What followed were statements like “Why don’t you quit your work and then you can become a blog evangalist“. Of course, again, this did not sit well with me and I objected to how I wouldn’t consider doing that. My reasoning at this point was along the lines of even though I’m a firm believer in blogging, I’m also well aware that most people in my part of the world either see blogs as a means for rants and raving or just as a platform for expressing their thought, feeling and such. It is this community mentality that makes it clear as common sense to me that trying to be a blogging evangelist (via quiting my job) would definitely not be a feasible vocation for myself. However I was then hit back by my proponent that my reluctance proved his point that blogging is – here I shall surmise in short note as the words said were to numerous to note down – not credible.

A long the entire time a whole lot of other statements that were mention by my proponent are: –

  1. Not everyone blogs – True in one sense, in another it discards the significants of blog as being limited in stature.
  2. The older generation is wiser and they don’t blog – Also true, but dare I say that though not all of the older generation are incline to pick up blogging for various reasons, that I wont get into at this point, but there are still bloggers who are well past their prime who contribute interesting and often times great postings.

In the end, I find myself being unsure as to what purpose exactly did this arguments serve. My proponent most certainly, again it’s my opinion at this point,  did not go away with a revised outlook on blogging.  And as for myself,  I am quite perplexed that there are people out there – be they older, younger, tech-savvy or not – that have such a lowly opinion on blogging in general.

And what say you my readers. Please do comment on this issue.


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