Tranformers In A Shoe

Movie tie-ins’ a norm today, most as specially with the major blockbuster movies of the summer. With the summer movie season in full swing, the likes of Spiderman 3 and Transformers are on the offing. With Spiderman 3 release this past week we’re soon looking forward to the highly anticipated release of Transformers.

Now this is not an animation movie nor is it a Japanese movie. Hollywood has taken up the challenge to make the motion picture adaption of the famous 90’s cartoon series. Helmed by Michael Bay of Armageddon & Pearl Harbor fame – Hollywood sure has pulled out all the stops on this one.

Still why wait till June to get a preview of your beloved Autobots or their nemisis the Decepticons in action. Why not get in on the action with your own movie memorabilia from Nike. The iconic footwear giant has come up with one of the most unique movie tie in, in my opinion, that might just sit well with the fans.

And what’s the great item(s) you ask?

Why there’s Nike shoes. The catch (there’s always a catch) – these are shoes that can transform into Transformers. Check out the pics below.

Optimus Prime (Convoy)

Optimus Prime – Leader of the Autobots

and …


Megatron – Leader of the Decepticons



One Response to “Tranformers In A Shoe”

  1. Shadowfox Says:

    They’re more shellformers/shellmasters than actual transformers.

    Too bad you can’t wear em.

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