Decline of Malaysia Media Independence

I’m Shocked! Let me rephrase that – I unsurprisingly Shocked!!

I knew thing weren’t at a decent level but to see the statistics I’m totally blown away. Malaysia’s press freedom (read: in name only, not in practice) ranking as ranked in the Global Survey of Media Independence 2006 is at best atrocious. Malaysia’s ranking of 141 (out of 191 countries) is abysmal. Hell we are so far behind the likes of our fellow South East Asians i.e. Thailand, Indonesia and even Cambodia. Yes we who pride ourself as a developed country, are far far lacking as compared to the likes of regime ruled Cambodia.

That’s right my fellow citizens. The press is stifled, we are fed with ‘fixed‘ stories, the ‘spin‘ is on full time and the worst part of it all – the majority of our Malaysian are in the dark and/or couldn’t be bothered about it. Someday we might just get up and realize democracy has left our fair shores and in it’s place something else has taken root. V for Vendetta anybody?

Refer to the The Star article on this topic. Alternately, Jeff Ooi’s posting has a better coverage on this topic.


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