Spidy Movie Escapades

Watching movies on Saturday night is a big major thing here in KL. Every weekend, comes Saturday night, you’ll see droves of people making their way to their local cinemas or cineplexe’s in order to catch the latest movie. Therefore unsurprisingly we always end up queuing in long lines just to get tickets. Then we queue all over again at the concession stand to get our popcorn and beverages. So after all the hard work, you finally get to sit down, lean back and enjoy the show.

Now I hate having to g through the hassle every single week. So I, being the sly me that I am, always always take the time to book movie tickets via online for Saturday night shows. SO hassle reduces in as much as my just having to collect my reservation 45 minutes before showtime. Now I been doing this for years, and have thus very happily avoided all the trouble. However just yesterday my friends decided they wanted to ‘try our luck‘ and see if we can get tickets for the opening weekend show of Spiderman 3. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had not gotten tickets bookings for the show and somehow I figured me and my friends would jut postpone catching the movie to the following weekend.

What I had not counted on was the tenacity of my friends wanting to see the show on that very day if at all possible. So off we went, got to the cinema  and then we lined up . Now at this juncture you should probably be aware that  Spiderman being a huge huge hit meant that tickets were already sold out. Our only hope was for the release tickets i.e. uncollected booking tickets. Therefore our strategy was to line up in 4 separate groups and hope that someone got to the front at exactly the moment the tickets were released. Somehow by god’s good grace our second line of attack (Sin & Jasmin) we’re in perfect timing as they got to the counter at the moment that the tickets were released. Hence we thus ended up with 7 tickets to Spiderman 3.

As for the movie, well suffice it to say it had it’s good moments, a fair amount of weird moments (whats with Peter Parker grooving all over the place), and a few lousy scenes to boot. All in all I can say that I did enjoy the movie – and after going through all the trouble with getting the tickets at least the movie wasn’t a disappointment.


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