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What Everyone Ought to Know About Sexist MPs

May 15, 2007

Apparently it would seems that making sexist remarks in Parliament is not a brand new act by the MP of Jasin, Mohd Said Yusof, and his partner in crime the MP of Kinabatangan, Bung Mokhtar Radin.

Judging by the list on Screenshots (via Malaysiakini) – Malaysian MPs past track record in the arena of making sexist remarks is quite extensive.

Make one wonder how is it possible that in this day an age where gender equality is very much so significant, that these two MP’s still got away scott free without even a reprimand.


Free Domain & Free Hosting at Sabahan

May 15, 2007

When I first read about the free domain & hosting giveaway at “Win a Free Domain & Free Hosting For Your WordPress Blog Contest”. I have to admit the first thought that cross my mind was… “It must be a scam”.

Yet I was still tempted enough click on the link and lo-and-behold I found myself at Now having heard of Sabahan before, though I admit I have not yet set eyes on his blog before, my interest was piqued. More so the case when I read the blog’s tagline of “About Computer, Internet, Blogging, Marketting and Interesting Stuff” – I was positively psyched. To my delight, here was one of the top noted blogs in Malaysia and his niche area is exactly what I am very much interested in myself.

So having verified that this was in no way at all a scam, I was ecstatic to participate in this great contest. I mean how often is it that you actually hear of a blogger offering both Free Domain and Free Hosting services. Talk about Malaysia Blogger Boleh spirit! And all I had to do was write a post reviewing Sabahan blog. Then just sit back and hope (read: pray to God fervently) hat I’ll be one of the lucky entries out of every five entries to obtain the free giveaways.

No … I kid you not! Easy Peasy.

Thus I began to read up on some of Sabahan’s past postings and was pleasantly suprised at the amount of interesting posts that he had blogged on. Take for example his recent post on “How to Annoy Your Blog Readers with a Bad Webpage Design” which covers six big no’s–no’s for a webpage/blog design. Again this is very useful material especially since I myself am just kicking off my own blog. Additionally Sabahan also has many postings on monetizing blogs which is all the rage currently and seems to be the way to go for any serious blogger.

So if you want to get yourself a free hosting and a free domain to boot, head on over to Sabahan.

What’cha waiting for.

 PS: Sabahan… Please help me to get out of! The limitations are a pain in the you-know-where.

PPS: Incidentally … let me state my utmost love for the WordPress platform in general. It’s just the hosting service that’s a cramp.

Sexist One Eye Closed MP

May 15, 2007

One problem with our country is that somehow, and I cannot even think how this can be, but somehow we Malaysian vote in such incorrigible characters the likes of the MP of Jasin into such an august body as our Malaysian parliament.

Who is he some might say at this point? Well as they say, long story short, the MP of Jasin is of the “Close One Eye” fame that just stupefied the nation a couple of months ago. Having brushed the Customs Department the wrong way one would think that any savvy politician would have kept his smarts and kept his head down.

But low and behold, here he is all over again causing a new controversy. The MP of Jasin has this time, with no qualms at all, made what is without a doubt a sexist remarks when brusquely retorting to the female MP of Batu Gajah – the intended target of his pun (imho: very much intended).

Yes he trod over the line of statesmanship when he liken the issue debated, i.e. burst piping in the parliament, to that of the menstrual cycle of women via the exact word – “… tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor…” (every month also leak) when addressing the female MP of Batu Gajah. And this time there will be no covering up as he was featured live on the parliament recording. See it for yourself below:

All in all, I can only wonder how such a sexist could have been voted in the first place.

The Blogging Enigma

May 12, 2007

I was out at dinner today with a couple of friends and what started innocently as simple discussion of searching for Linux how-to’s ended up being a full blown spate between myself and one of my other friend.

The issue took a turn when I stated out that I myself have reduced dramatically look up such sites as TechRepublic anymore for such information whereas I nowadays have a perchance for looking up blogs for the corresponding information. Now at this point, as it later turns out, that my point was misunderstood (misinterpreted) by my counterpart.

So what happened for the duration of the dinner was one misunderstanding after another. Somehow I gave off an impression to my proponents that all persons must blog! (Think along the lines of The Borg from Star Trek fame – Resistance is futile!) How did this come about I have not idea.

My issue on how blogs are credible sources for information was attacked with statements that blogging is just a ‘hobby‘ – which of course implies to me that they are not credible resources. I of course did not sit well with this statement, thereby I pointed out that there are full time or pro-blogger out there that would definitely take an umbrage with that statement. At this point being wiser for having gone through this argument, I’ll go on record and say that it is true that blogging is a hobby – more so for most people. However blogging is also has a serious aspect to others i.e. some people make their livelihood of blogging. Therefore to dismiss blog as credible in my humble opinion is wrong.

What followed were statements like “Why don’t you quit your work and then you can become a blog evangalist“. Of course, again, this did not sit well with me and I objected to how I wouldn’t consider doing that. My reasoning at this point was along the lines of even though I’m a firm believer in blogging, I’m also well aware that most people in my part of the world either see blogs as a means for rants and raving or just as a platform for expressing their thought, feeling and such. It is this community mentality that makes it clear as common sense to me that trying to be a blogging evangelist (via quiting my job) would definitely not be a feasible vocation for myself. However I was then hit back by my proponent that my reluctance proved his point that blogging is – here I shall surmise in short note as the words said were to numerous to note down – not credible.

A long the entire time a whole lot of other statements that were mention by my proponent are: –

  1. Not everyone blogs – True in one sense, in another it discards the significants of blog as being limited in stature.
  2. The older generation is wiser and they don’t blog – Also true, but dare I say that though not all of the older generation are incline to pick up blogging for various reasons, that I wont get into at this point, but there are still bloggers who are well past their prime who contribute interesting and often times great postings.

In the end, I find myself being unsure as to what purpose exactly did this arguments serve. My proponent most certainly, again it’s my opinion at this point,  did not go away with a revised outlook on blogging.  And as for myself,  I am quite perplexed that there are people out there – be they older, younger, tech-savvy or not – that have such a lowly opinion on blogging in general.

And what say you my readers. Please do comment on this issue.

Tranformers In A Shoe

May 11, 2007

Movie tie-ins’ a norm today, most as specially with the major blockbuster movies of the summer. With the summer movie season in full swing, the likes of Spiderman 3 and Transformers are on the offing. With Spiderman 3 release this past week we’re soon looking forward to the highly anticipated release of Transformers.

Now this is not an animation movie nor is it a Japanese movie. Hollywood has taken up the challenge to make the motion picture adaption of the famous 90’s cartoon series. Helmed by Michael Bay of Armageddon & Pearl Harbor fame – Hollywood sure has pulled out all the stops on this one.

Still why wait till June to get a preview of your beloved Autobots or their nemisis the Decepticons in action. Why not get in on the action with your own movie memorabilia from Nike. The iconic footwear giant has come up with one of the most unique movie tie in, in my opinion, that might just sit well with the fans.

And what’s the great item(s) you ask?

Why there’s Nike shoes. The catch (there’s always a catch) – these are shoes that can transform into Transformers. Check out the pics below.

Optimus Prime (Convoy)

Optimus Prime – Leader of the Autobots

and …


Megatron – Leader of the Decepticons


The Great Twitter Plunge

May 10, 2007

Right after much deliberation I have finally decided to go ahead and subscribe to Twitter.

Look me up on my Twitter and add me. Until I’m able to convince my other friends to join up I’ll appreciate anyone adding me as their friend (Sigh… smacks of ‘Twitter Loneliness’)!

Decline of Malaysia Media Independence

May 7, 2007

I’m Shocked! Let me rephrase that – I unsurprisingly Shocked!!

I knew thing weren’t at a decent level but to see the statistics I’m totally blown away. Malaysia’s press freedom (read: in name only, not in practice) ranking as ranked in the Global Survey of Media Independence 2006 is at best atrocious. Malaysia’s ranking of 141 (out of 191 countries) is abysmal. Hell we are so far behind the likes of our fellow South East Asians i.e. Thailand, Indonesia and even Cambodia. Yes we who pride ourself as a developed country, are far far lacking as compared to the likes of regime ruled Cambodia.

That’s right my fellow citizens. The press is stifled, we are fed with ‘fixed‘ stories, the ‘spin‘ is on full time and the worst part of it all – the majority of our Malaysian are in the dark and/or couldn’t be bothered about it. Someday we might just get up and realize democracy has left our fair shores and in it’s place something else has taken root. V for Vendetta anybody?

Refer to the The Star article on this topic. Alternately, Jeff Ooi’s posting has a better coverage on this topic.

Spidy Movie Escapades

May 6, 2007

Watching movies on Saturday night is a big major thing here in KL. Every weekend, comes Saturday night, you’ll see droves of people making their way to their local cinemas or cineplexe’s in order to catch the latest movie. Therefore unsurprisingly we always end up queuing in long lines just to get tickets. Then we queue all over again at the concession stand to get our popcorn and beverages. So after all the hard work, you finally get to sit down, lean back and enjoy the show.

Now I hate having to g through the hassle every single week. So I, being the sly me that I am, always always take the time to book movie tickets via online for Saturday night shows. SO hassle reduces in as much as my just having to collect my reservation 45 minutes before showtime. Now I been doing this for years, and have thus very happily avoided all the trouble. However just yesterday my friends decided they wanted to ‘try our luck‘ and see if we can get tickets for the opening weekend show of Spiderman 3. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had not gotten tickets bookings for the show and somehow I figured me and my friends would jut postpone catching the movie to the following weekend.

What I had not counted on was the tenacity of my friends wanting to see the show on that very day if at all possible. So off we went, got to the cinema  and then we lined up . Now at this juncture you should probably be aware that  Spiderman being a huge huge hit meant that tickets were already sold out. Our only hope was for the release tickets i.e. uncollected booking tickets. Therefore our strategy was to line up in 4 separate groups and hope that someone got to the front at exactly the moment the tickets were released. Somehow by god’s good grace our second line of attack (Sin & Jasmin) we’re in perfect timing as they got to the counter at the moment that the tickets were released. Hence we thus ended up with 7 tickets to Spiderman 3.

As for the movie, well suffice it to say it had it’s good moments, a fair amount of weird moments (whats with Peter Parker grooving all over the place), and a few lousy scenes to boot. All in all I can say that I did enjoy the movie – and after going through all the trouble with getting the tickets at least the movie wasn’t a disappointment.