The Godfather, I am

The GodfatherIf you have noticed, the bottom-most of my sidebar has a new inclusion. Yes I am talking about the Godfather image exactly like the one below.

Taking a cue from my friend Cindy, I too have decided to put up a representation of my personality, courtesy of SimilarMinds , who provide some amusing test – among them their personality test. At this juncture I would just like to state that this all was done in the spirit of pure fun.

Unlike Cindy, I instead choose to have the Classic Movie representation of the personality test. Therefore after answering a few questions, lo and behold I was presented with the results. According to the test, the classic movie that approximately enshrines my personality type is none other than that classic ‘The Godfather‘. Now it does seem to be a fair match to my personality if I dare say so myself 😎 (whew)!

HitlerMy affection for the movies aside, another reason for choosing the movie version of the test can be attributed to another reason. Truthfully I originally took the Famous Leaders version of the personality test. However was my unfortunate ‘luck’ of being matched to the prominent leader personality to that of Hitler. Seriously … according to the results it seems that that I’m near to or identical enough to Hitler of all people. Common I figured I’m more closer to Churchill than Hitler… or at least I hope hoped so.

Anyways, as far as one liners go “You are paranoid but killing all you enemies does help to relieve anxiety” sure does take the cake.


One Response to “The Godfather, I am”

  1. Scarecrow Says:

    “You are paranoid but killing all you enemies does help to relieve anxiety”


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